Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Outdoor Update

So I actually didn't mention it much but I have a pretty sweet patio area. I got plans for that too but this was just a rough clean up project after a lot of rain.


Got a real hose and 1 pressure nozzle as well as a mutli nozzle
Got some sand for the mopes and their ash tray
Took out the rocks and pushed them to the sides, and filled the walkway with about 8 buckets of gravel that was just sitting under my patio
Pulled up this white patio table that was under the porch, will sand/paint it someday
Bought an outside trash can for 9 bux with a lid! lol
Also did another mod but i'm not going to list it here right away (going to be a suprise to the homies)

YEE! sorry pics are from night, didn't feel like waiting.....
Time to re-do the weather stripping on the back door!

Ash Tray:

 Main Patio Area:
 The Hose:
 Top Path:

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Got the bedroom door molding, door knob and weather stripping in. This door has a tighter seal to it then the other one but they should both work good.
My one problem now is that the thermostat is on the bedroom side, so if i have the bedroom door closed and the heater going, it will KEEP going lol and i've experienced this already....Just need to mod a second thermostat in place and dictate either climate zone A or B....not a biggie will do that some day.
Also fixed my tv cable line, it was fuzzy. My tv leds crapped out, messed with them for a bit but didn't feel like taking the tv down so will look at that later. They are going to be replace with (1) 24incher on the left and right and (2) 24 inchers on the top.

Not sure what the next step is...i'm sure i'll see it chillin in home depot someday..oh! right i'm going to make the exhaust fan for the media cabinet...more to come!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Faiz 3.2

Installed the 2nd door (remember my room is going to have 5 doors in it total- 2 in the center, one at the back and 2 separating my room from the main more to go)

Anyway this door install sucked. I even bought a chisel and door hinge template. Turned out way better using the knife from my leather man and a hammer....leather man always be coming through!

Again please always try to remember...if you haven't been reading this whole blog this is the frame work, it will all be sanded and painted ect so don't mind my ruff edges...oh and sorry about the splinters friends!!! :-D

Monday, January 10, 2011

Faiz 3.1

Semi cool update I suppose.
1) In wall wire installation
2) New speakers/Amp
3) Media rack cooling fans

Yeah so I finally got the wires installed in the wall. In the wall I have 2 power wires, one for the tv, one for the leds, 2 Hdmi wires (computer, xbox 360) 1 optical wire, 1 coax tv wire, 1 net wire (stupid samsung widget things..why not right)

The Speakers are actually my brothers system, he basically has the same amp as me but it also has video hookups (not using them, older amp, no hdmi) However it's good because my front left channel was out on my old amp. Also his speakers are WAY bigger then mine :) 
Here are the fans for the media rack, as of right now there is (3) 120mm fans hooked up to a 12v line coming from the wall, not the computer, so its always on (very quiet too) There will be another one pulling the air into another room, coming soon...As well as two on the bottom pulling fresh air in. Enjoy!

Also here is the coax tv wire from outside...just drilled right through the wall and filled the surrounding hole with hot glue. (for the guys...yes now we have freaking tv...not that we'll ever watch it while COD BO is still alive ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Faiz 3.0

Short small update.
Added a mid sized fridge that prob will not have a permanent home in my theater but maybe in my bedroom.
Also added a projector I'm borrowing from a friend for awhile, a $5 Ross laundry bin turned into a bigger garbage can :) and a $10 rug bought from Home Depot to extend the living area a bit (put over the crappy stuff on the back door exit. As well as a $20 roll up shade thingy from the Home Depot thats 8ft wide and goes to the floor :)
Arranged the media rack a little bit.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wall Mount

TV is up probably in its final position. Right now the wires are just everywhere, probably won't cut into the wall until awhile. I need to really get some couches in here and finish the back wall. Need a damn truck for some dry wall ;)
Tv is directly in the center of the wall from the door frame to the other corner. 34.5inches on both side

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2.3 Short update

Drilled the holes for the fans, also did a rough move of the stuff into the rack. Now figuring out what wires I'll need.
The amp sticks out a bit, I could sit it on its side but that would be too ghetto and not good for it. I'll see what i can do...looking at a new amp any way but that would have to hold hdmi so even more room will be needed at the back :(
Front view: tv will soon be on the wall with the wires running down the wall not sure about the speakers, maybe some cheap mounts. Next phase for this wall will be the in wall wiring.
 Amp is on its side, my darn Set A front left speaker output is out (btw i love troubleshooting yee, got a story for the fellas. annywhooo..) I'll need a new amp just to run all the speakers and hdmi and the set of B speakers that will be in the bedroom. (4 more)
 you can see the wire routing channel. also this is all rough work, you are seeing the inside of the actual wall. MORE TO COME.